Max Man Penis Enlargement And Delay Coffee (4 Bags Per Box)


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Do you want your organ to erect rapidly and be rigid as strong as a steel stick? Do you want your organ to be large and long? Do you want to have as many as five rounds of the sex in the same night? Then you must choose Maxman Men’s Coffee. This product can greatly increase male sexual ability, and prolong penis erection as long as you want. It’s all natural ingredients keep high-quality of solving male’s sexual dysfunction, it’s a good sexual stimulant with good flavor. Maxman coffee has an obvious effect on stimulating the nerve center, regulating hormone secretion and activating the cells of the cavernous body of penis. Safe for diabetics and people on chronic medication- used by thousands of men worldwide with satisfaction guaranteed!

This product is elaborately made by adding special aphrodisiac factors into instant coffee with modern extraction technology.  This product has pleasant coffee taste, it can fast dissolve in various kinds of soft drinks and liquors and take the aphrodisiac effect after drinking it. About 30 – 45 minutes after taking, he will look rosy in face, and show great desire for love in eyes, and a warm stream begins spreading in his body.  Made of nature materials, it causes no side effect or addiction. Sip a cup of dense fragrant coffee with the beautiful music as back ground and enjoy an extraordinary sex experience. Isn’t it what every man always longing for?


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