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undiluted perfume oil is perfectly tailored for the modern man.Now you can have a unique scent without breaking the bank.Guaranteed Long lasting, up to 72 hours on fabric. How to get the best out of your fragrance oils.Apply oils on pulse points, the wrists, inside of the elbows, the base of the neck, the navel and behind the ears, behind the knee, at the breast bone or cleavage. As the heart beats these areas are continually warmed releasing a steady and regular stream of fragrance.Apply on Clothing items for long lasting effects.Can be mixed into body lotions.Fragrance oils should be used 30 minutes before going out to allow all the elements develop and to avoid them wearing off through sweat. After which your perfume oil will have blended with your body scent and all of the components will have been warmed and at their peak.Maximize the effects of your perfume oils by wearing products of the similar scent or similar note


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